by Bear Bong

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released April 19, 2017

All music and lyrics written by Bear Bong.

All tracking, mixing and mastering done by Michael Belliveau at Niche Recordings.


Album art by Carlos Cardenas at Half Jaw Designs.


Special thanks to Quinn Renz of Bad Vibes for the noise section of Sweet To Lure.




all rights reserved


Bear Bong Tinley Park, Illinois

No Coast Bullshit from the south suburbs of Chicago.


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Track Name: Sweet To Lure
I have seen your scorn and uncertainty, there's a fire burning in your eyes
But a reason has yet to be found, no source of ignition to be seen
So tortured by self loathing and feelings of inadequacy
The only option is to externalize on an unaware victim of circumstance
Sweet to lure
Bitter to keep
Track Name: Stale
Redefining who I am as a human being by a subtle altering of facts
So thoroughly convinced the world beyond the horizon is only scaped with death
As far as I knew my only option was a stale and constant misery,
Clearly tinged by the conspirator's own pain and suffering
The light I knew was not the light that could be seen by open eyes
Years spent under the thumb of someone smaller than myself
An attempt to escape, an opportunity to be the victim
Roles reversed, it's for the best, I'll show myself out
Track Name: Fool's Gold
Bearing the fire, a shining light upon the hill
Hoping to draw moths closer to your binding flame
A gleaming beacon bringing the lost to your heal
But all they find is self serving interests
Something so scarce, knowing one's actions will only service themselves
A righteous facade proudly displayed on your sleeve in view of all
Unaware of your trespass, my heart free of guilt
Disguising self preservation as an act of grace
A staving beast among the herd feeding thoughtlessly with no regret
Sparing itself of shame and grief, only mindful of it's own well being
Though the heart's candle still holds flame it always warm the one closest first
And those seeking the remaining warmth only find blessings from spare remnants
Unspoken motivations, driven to endure and belong
Hiding true intentions, a selfless spirit displayed
Deceiving the whole, now exempt from your share of blame
Track Name: Fragile Merit
Proudly wear your poise
Why wouldn't you?
Your accolades shine so bright and bold
And from up top everyone seems so small
Nothing left for them but pity and loathing
But I don't want to hear it
I've seen it all before
Vanity is a worn cheap mask
Weak like the rest
You're wearing down
We now better than to follow your lead
When behind the throne is a self exalting king
And when the marvel cracks and all your statues fall
All you'll have left is disgrace and recall
Track Name: The Wolf Must Shed
I bore coldness as a coat,
The layers on my hide bring me comfort
But when the mold grows heavy and old,
The skin must be exchanged for peace of mind
Void of heart the shell holds strong as iron
Must rebuild, must remake with assurance
I'd rather fall prey to the wolf in sheep skin
Than be the first to bear the fang and claw
Gather pieces forging a new salting the earth and removing the roots
Twisted overgrowth can only be cut out, but a fertile pulp will take it's place
Wide eyes gleam and open again, the husk and hull no longer remain
A welcomed return to an exposed core, my world no longer clad in armor.
Track Name: Hail The Thoughtless
Preconceived notions pulling from both directions
Logical conclusions are doomed from the start
There's no combating bias in the newest flavor of the week
Opinions permanently tethered to a predetermined thought process
Mindlessly regurgitating their respective hero's words
Spewing knee-jerk reactions and damning those that don't.
Rampant racism, hail the thoughtless
Ill advised acceptance, chastise the rational
Authoritative worship, hail the thoughtless
Misplaced anger, chastise the rational
Track Name: One Way Mirror
Eyes rain heavily as this rift in love grows with every passing moment
The palpable feeling of loneliness radiates throughout the room
Even while being surrounded by these four walls of one way mirrors
An incomprehensible and mystifying spectacle for the outsiders looking in
So unaware of the fear and apprehension that your congregation harbors
As time passes fearfulness and affection culminate into indifference and detachment from this dreadful scene
What at one time weighed heavy on their hearts must be shed for the sake of their own ease of mind and health
With each that leaves the glass grows thicker and more substantial
The last of the crowd makes their exit
Cycle complete, only to be repeated